Nearly there!!

As I write I have 9 (yes 9!!) pre-orders to secure before I reach my target to obtain a publishing deal with the new BNBS initiative. I’m unbelievably excited and resisting a massive urge to write a Oscar style thank you speech: I couldn’t have done it without you all etc etc, which is of course entirely true.

But I haven’t done it yet and I won’t without those final 9. So here is my last little plea to you in this exciting crowd-funded pre-order campaign…

If you haven’t already, please buy a copy of my book for £7.99 from:

Don’t forget that international orders are accepted, so don’t let the fact that you live in tropical climes put you off. You will get your name (or your child’s, your niece, nephew’s etc) printed in the book as one of my supporters unless you choose not to.

Please share my blog via Twitter / email / Facebook with everyone you know … and maybe even retweet my blog with a Follow Friday later on this week (#FF) please?

If you’re not already following my Worm, Slug, Maggot and Leech adventures you can via Facebook:

and Twitter:


Do you like a challenge? Would you like to be on my Street Team?! If you’re interested let me know and I’ll explain! Or maybe your son or daughter would….

Finally, don’t forget that last week and this week I am offering a little IMG_4100hand-made piece of artwork for a supporter selected randomly. Bribery and corruption. I know.

And if you’re already doing all these things and have been throughout my ‘pre-published’ journey, THANK YOU! I hope you know that I’m absolutely over the moon…. And I couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you again for reading.

Polly x


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