It’s Share a Story Month. Here’s mine!

It’s National Share a Story month, an annual celebration of story telling and story sharing providing a fantastic opportunity to bring children and stories together.

This year the central theme is ‘Imagination and Inventiveness’ with activities and events focused on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in order to mark the 50th anniversary of its publication.

As an acknowledgement to Share a Story Month I’ve been ferreting about in the depths of our dusty old loft back at my family home in an attempt to salvage some, errrm, ‘imaginative and inventive’ childhood stories of my own to share. I loved writing my last blog post about superpowers and the supernatural as it took me back thirty or so years to a time when I would immerse myself for hours in tales of phantoms and goblins. Not an average little girl’s pastime, however the issue of gender neutrality in children’s lit is perhaps a focus for a blog post another day!

So hold onto your hats, brace yourself dear reader. For the first time in many years a true masterpiece is about to be unveiled. There is no Augustus Gloop thrashing in a river of chocolate, nor a gum chomping Violet Beauregarde morphing into a blueberry. Neither does it feature Vercua Salt hurting down a rubbish chute, nor Mike Teavee transported to a fraction of his size by television waves. Nope! From the dizzying heights of the great glass elevator I transport you to…


The Magic Bongo Wongo World.

(Written by me, approx. age 10)

A nod to the ‘choose your own adventure’ tales of old (well old-ish) the story features endless opportunities for the reader to forge their own path. Whether it is through the Dizzy Desert…


… Hicupping Hoover Land, Down the Plug Land, The Land of Death …


… Lovely Land or The Shed, the reader is accompanied by a variety of interesting characters on their harrowing journey:


And is faced with interactive puzzles and riddles littered through its pages:


With troubling dilemmas to ponder: IMG_20140523_0008

And relics to collect:



The action is exhilarating through to its very conclusion…


The storyline may be somewhat questionable and I probably wouldn’t recommend this book as a soothing bedtime read but the ‘story’ is certainly action packed, bursting with thrills, suspense and surprise. With sections more reminiscent of a 1980s computer adventure (think Dragon’s Den, Granny’s Garden) than a Roald Dahl creation there is without doubt imagination and inventiveness to be found between the pages.

Unfortunately ‘The Magic Bongo Wongo World’ isn’t available to pre-order but ‘Worm, Slug, Maggot & Leech and their Troublesome Transformation’ IS! If this post has you intrigued about what on earth I came up with next, have a look at:

Thank you again for reading.

Polly x


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