Super Parents!

Dear Mummies and Daddies of the Underworld…

You celebrated our talents, now it’s time to rejoice in yours! We liked the article about our super powers – we’re glad you’ve noticed. They’ve taken years of perfecting! We’ve also been keeping a watchful eye on you and we’ve got you sussed: You dabble in the dark arts yourselves – using witchcraft and wizardry as your most powerful parenting tools! Here’s what we’ve witnessed:

You mix in some pretty influential magical circles: The tooth fairy? Father Christmas? (How did you get his number?) And how do you lure the monsters and dragons and bears and wolves from under our beds at night?

You’ve got eyes in the back of your head! How else would you know when we’re tormenting our younger siblings behind your back? When we sneak an extra choccie biscuit without permission?!

And you have pretty cool supersonic hearing. You can detect a dollop of porridge dropping to the floor from the other side of the room, you know we’re awake before we do, and you always know exactly where to find the slugs and snails slipping through the garden undergrowth!

Multi tasking? You’ve got it covered. Only a rare phenomenon could explain this level of dexterity and skill.

You have the patience of a saint. Well, most of the time (perhaps you’re still fine-tuning this superpower a little – hope you don’t mind us saying). However, we think you bend time to create additional hours that you fill with Buddhist mantra and meditation to restore your inner calm. You are just so Zen!

Your healing hands could only originate from a higher realm. Princess Plasters? Please. You’re the only master healer around here!

Hands of a healer…. Hands of a conjuror – a sorcerer! How do you make our brightest, loudest, tackiest toys disappear? And reappear in the local charity shop window?!

13803164-hat-with-a-magic-wand--black-and-white-01If all else fails you have a bag of tricks that’s out of this world. The sticker chart, the naughty spot, the downloadable certificates, the direct line to Santa and the limitless praise, encouragement and pride. And real life fairy dust. Amazing!

Last of all, no matter how much we fine tune our super human abilities, you’re always a step ahead; however much we push you, you demonstrate superior powers of endurance, you come back stronger than ever, loving us unconditionally. You really are a force to be reckoned with, and we’re so glad that we’re learning from the best!

Love from,

The Super Kids! x

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