Guest Blogger Roisin Bullock on Adventures in Wisdom

This week certified Wisdom Coach Roisin Bullock is my guest blogger. Thank you Roisin!

Have you ever wondered why some people just sail through life and everything seems to just fall into place for them? Happiness and good fortune seem to come naturally to them. What is their secret I hear you say? Well I think I just might have the answer…………..

Successful, happy people aren’t just born with it; they develop the necessary skills and apply these consistently in their day-to-day life.

Throughout my life I have frequently struggled with self-belief and self-esteem. On the outside I appeared to others to be a confident and outgoing person but on the inside, often I was constantly questioning my ability and feeling that if people knew the real me that they wouldn’t like me. All my life I was chasing after that elusive thing called ‘self-esteem’. I always looked to things outside of me, such as my career, always trying to be the ‘perfectionist’ in everything that I did. Little did I know that self-esteem was not to be found in status, academic achievement or position; I had it within me all along……..

One of my strongest and most emotive memories as a child is when I desperately wanted IMG_3324 to audition for the school musical. I spent days practising a song and even performed it in front of my older sister who gave me lots of praise and encouragement. When the day came for the auditions, that little ‘gremlin’ inside of my head told me that I wasn’t good enough and that I would just make a fool of myself. I bottled it. It left me feeling incredibly disappointed in myself and like a complete and utter failure. I took this view of myself forward throughout my childhood and into adulthood. The little gremlin was always there to put a doubt in my mind whenever I wanted to try something new or take on a new challenge.

What I didn’t realise at the time, was that these feelings are all too common in children and young adults, and it’s something which I now feel passionately about, as I know from personal experience how it could hold an individual back from achieving happiness and fulfilling their potential. I believe that how children feel about themselves is one ofthe biggest influences on both their happiness and on what they create in their lives. Positive self-esteem isn’t something kids either have or don’t have. Feeling good about themselves, even when things aren’t going their way, is a skill that they can develop, given the right support.

IMG_2709As a certified Wisdom Coach, personal development expert and mum, with a passion for helping children and teenagers to develop positive thinking habits and achieve their full potential in life, I feel that self-esteem underpins almost everything children do. If a child doesn’t believe in themselves, it can hold them back both academically and personally. I can help children develop these skills, through the use of my coaching and the impact on the rest of their lives can be immense.

Adventures in Wisdom is a fun life coaching program for kids using stories to help kids learn critical life skills for developing strong self-esteem, powerful self-confidence; overcoming challenges such as fear, disappointment and change, and learning how to create a vision for their lives, achieve their goals and realise their dreams. It is all about helping kids develop powerful thinking skills and thought patterns to handle the ups and downs of growing up without getting down about themselves or giving up. It is based on the most effective and proven leadership and personal effectiveness skills that have been taught throughout the centuries by some of the greatest teachers and most successful people in history.

You can read more about Adventures in Wisdom and contact Roisin via

My children’s story ‘Worm, Slug, Maggot & Leech and their Troublesome Transformation’ has themes around self-esteem and diversity. It is due for release on 12th September 2014 and can be pre-ordered at :

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Polly x


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