The Mythical Maze awaits us!

School’s nearly out for the summer….

How did that happen? Our daughter’s first year at school has rushed by in a flurry of frenzied school runs, giggles and tears at the school gates in all weathers, Christmas nativity, Christmas activity, chicks in the classroom, a hairdresser, pilot and anaesthetist in the classroom, shared assemblies, new friends and a wonderful new gift: our daughter now has the ability TO READ!

I must admit that I’m approaching the school holidays with surprising trepidation. But I do have a plan! I hear from a very trustworthy source that this summer The Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge is the thing to get involved in during the hols:

We’re going to give it a go! We’ve been to the library to collect our Reading Challenge Mythical Maze Pack and we’re all set.

photo 2

Our daughter: my reading buddy, is also going to become my blogging buddy for a few weeks… we’re going to review the books we read (and no doubt some of the adventures we have along the way too) via my blog. Our posts may be a bit sporadic: of course we have a lot of other stuff to fit in too including our family hol but we do promise to share the books we choose, why we chose them and our thoughts on the story and the pictures. Maybe you might read them as well and let us know what you think!


Thank you again for visiting – please let us know you’re there by leaving a comment!

Polly x

My own children’s book ‘Worm, Slug, Maggot & Leech and their Troublesome Transformation’ is available to pre-order via:

To find out more about the Summer Reading Challenge the link is:


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