Our Summer Reading Challenge blogpost

Our daughter, Elodee, has just turned 5 years old. Over the summer holidays we have embarked on the Summer Reading Challenge and if that wasn’t enough, we’re blogging about it… Well, I’m asking Elodee some questions about the stories after we’ve read them and including her views here along with mine! Exciting stuff. Here goes.

To kick off, E chose ‘The Fairytale Hairdresser and Cinderella’ this week because it’s her ‘favourite story’. Trying to suppress a sigh because it is SO girlie, so totally pink and sparkly and not wanting to jump to any conclusions about gender specific reads I reminded myself that we are doing this for the love of reading after all.

61FlNq8bEML._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU02_‘The Fairytale Hairdresser and Cinderella’ is, like the other books in the series, a modern adaptation of a traditional fairytale. Whilst it sticks with the traditional storyline of girl meets her prince, falls in love, marries and lives happily ever after, it is cleverly intertwined with the tale of an entrepreneurial, hard working individual: Kittie Lacey, fabulous fairytale hairdresser with customers from all corners of fairytale land (including the Queen). Uncomplaining, over worked – no time even for a cup of tea – she is portrayed as kind, generous and cheerful. Overall she seems to be rather a nice person and certainly a positive protagonist for our children to grow attached to.

The story is brought to life with colourful, detailed illustrations – each illustration provides the reader with a new window into the world of fairytales. It’s fascinating to see Mother Hubbard in hair rollers, a dragon having a snooze in the woods, the Seven Dwarfs patiently waiting to have their beards combed, and the wolf visiting the opticians (‘All the better to see you with’ is the shop strap line…) The ball and the wedding are packed full of our favourite characters; It’s great fun spotting them all and chatting about what they’re up to.

I’m pretty sure that any 5 year old boy would run a mile if presented with this story at bedtime although there are certainly some positive messages for boys too – the Prince helping out at the hairdressing salon for example. Without doubt it’s a hit with the girls – especially ours. Here are her thoughts on it:

I had 2 bits that I liked. There was one bit that I liked: the Queen’s hair and I liked the bit that there was the ball and I saw the Princess and the Frog and Rapunzel. I liked the Queen’s hair had hearts in it and I liked her dress and the bits that covered her elbows. It all had hearts on.

There were lots of different characters. Kitty Lacey was the hairdresser. Cinderella was a good person to help at the hairdresser because she is nice and friendly.

I liked her dress at the end at the marriage. I liked all the pictures. They are lots of different characters in the story. It’s my favourite story. It’s a nice story.

Thank you for reading!

Polly x

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