Better late than never…

Our Summer Reading Challenge may not have gone entirely to plan. I suspect I was a bit ambitious, not in hoping – or even expecting – our daughter to read 6 books throughout the holidays but for us both to sit and review each book and then blog about it. The reading, sharing, chatting was the easy bit. Getting it down in writing was another! Finding a time when we were both in the right frame of mind to make a recording of a book ‘review’ with a 5 year old was a feat in itself, let alone finding a slot between elephant painting, baking chocolate cakes, meeting the Gruffalo, Frozen performances and general summer holiday survival… IMG_5059

















We made several trips to the library too – regularly to find it closed (mental note to self: one of these days I will remember to check the random opening times of the library before leaving the house) and still haven’t collected all of our Mystical Maze stickers. Although I’m quite relieved about that after discovering the lingering pong of some of the scratch and sniff stickers! All is not lost though. We managed our second book review three weeks ago and I am finally posting it here now – on the first day of term! Hurrah! Next year we’ll definitely be taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge again. Although next time I won’t promise to report on our progress!

We chose: ‘Don’t wake the Bear, Hare!’ By Steve Smallman

The woodland animals are busily preparing for their spring party without waking the big brown bear who is snoozing in a hollow tree nearby. There are several close calls – precariously stacked towers of teacups and saucers teeter by, plates of sandwiches piled high lurch toward the picnic blanket, whilst jellies and cakes wobble their way to the party. But it is when little Hare excitedly fills his balloon a little too full and with a loud: POP! the bear wakes up…..!!! Thankfully they soon learn he is a big, friendly bear who is also a bit of a party animal! This is a warm tale for children and toddlers, written in gentle rhyme with beautiful illustrations. We thoroughly enjoy it again and again. Elodee’s thoughts on it are as follows…

I enjoyed it, the party was my favourite bit, because there were lots of balloons. There was food too and they were all happy at the party. They were getting the food ready and dancing and having fun. Bear was at the party. They woke him up and he wanted to join in. They were all scared of him at the beginning because they didn’t want to wake him up in case he got angry. I liked the rhyming story: bear and hare rhyme. I liked the pictures – the ants were being acrobats. It’s not my favourite story but I do like it because it’s funny and nice.

Thank you for reading!

Polly x

You can find out more about the Summer Reading Challenge at:

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