Mrs. Vyle: a Child Eating Teacher and Roddy the Magic Cat

As promised, this week I review two recently published children’s books…

The Amazing Adventures of Roddy the Magic Cat by Sarah Bates, illustrated by Helen Braid. 

This is the first in a series of seven books by Sarah Bates, which take the reader on a journey to all seven of the world’s continents.


The story begins with mystery, magic and intrigue… a loveable cat called Roddy who longs for adventure and to see the world, and an ancient tree that is able to grant his wish. Roddy is transported to Nepal where he embarks on a journey to the foot of Mount Everest.

Along the way he makes a friend in the form of a loyal local dog called Hobo who teaches Roddy and the reader interesting facts about Nepal, its culture, religion and life in the Himalayan mountains. This is an educational tale that gently encourages a sense of curiosity about the diversity of life beyond our own shores.

Roddy the Magical Cat is beautifully illustrated, realistically capturing the colour and warmth of life in the Nepalese villages whilst portraying the beauty of the mountains.

A delightful children’s story and one that I am certain my children will come back to again and again. It also stirs my own love of adventure and it gives me itchy feet!

Mrs Vyle: Children must be eaten and not heard!! by James Hallsworth, illustrated by Helen Braid.  


Described as a truly horrid tale and that it certainly is. But what a treat! A witty yet gruesome story about a monster disguised as a teacher who EATS CHILDREN! The arrival of this book was timed perfectly as our 5 year old is currently obsessed with all things Matilda, and in particular the ‘horrid teacher’ Mrs. Trunchbull… She loved this story and returned to study the pictures very carefully for a long time after.

With heroic dinner ladies, a snooty little ‘know-it-all’ and plenty of trumping, burping and goo this is an absolute must read for your own little monsters. A well paced story with horrid and happy surprises thrown in, there isn’t a moment for a child’s interest to be lost.

Again, the illustrations are super – bold and colourful, hilarious and silly – they perfectly capture the chaos created by a monster in the classroom and the adventures that ensue.

A highly recommended read!

You can buy either of these books via Amazon:

Thank you again for reading!

Polly x


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