Puzzles, Radios and the Wild: My Geeky #littleloves


My horrid illness (or whatever it is!) is rumbling into its 6th week so I’ve been busy focusing on the lovely little things that are keeping me sane during this trying time! So, this week I’m linking up with butwhymummywhy to share my #littleloves….


‘Press Here’ by Herve Tullet. We LOVE this book! Bought as a gift by a dear friend, it never fails to induce squeals of delight and excitement in the girls. Think along the lines of an interactive ‘This Book Just Ate My Dog’ kind of experience in which the reader is required to tap, stroke, shake and blow the coloured dots on each page in order to trigger the next phase of the journey. A clever and original concept and one which doesn’t rely on wi-fi or a touchscreen to access!


I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently. My favourite by far is ‘Wild’. This is an honest memoir by Cheryl Strayed who, following the death of her mother and the collapse of her marriage, embarks on a solo long distance trek across the Pacific Crest Trail. Whilst our experiences are obviously very different, it brought back memories of losing my own mother in my twenties and the peace I found when heading to the hills to hike most weekends. This is not a depressing read – whilst sad and deeply moving in places, it is inspiring, motivational and uplifting. I loved it!



*Geek Alert!*

My Dad came to visit last week, bringing with him his latest gadget: an ‘airband scanner’! This is a one way, hand-held radio which you can use to listen in to the communications between airline pilots and air traffic control. We live close to both Heathrow and Luton airports so there’s a great deal of chat going on in the skies above our heads. I’m a bit of a geek at heart (love maps, wish I owned a metal detector…) but even I was quite surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed eavesdropping on the passing Easyjet aircraft! The girls are utterly bemused by it…. but your children might not be if they love aeroplanes!



‘The Island’ with Bear Grylls. I’m not a lover of reality TV but I do love a survival programme and the unlikely candidates for this wild adventure have me hooked already!

We see 14 men and 14 women abandoned on separate remote and uninhabited desert islands in the pacific, where they film themselves and have nothing other than the clothes they arrived in and some basic tools (oh, and a satellite phone but we’ll overlook that one).

Stripped of all luxuries, the programme is pitched as being a social experiment to see if the groups can recapture their primeval instincts. With initial priorities being to find fresh water and food, to build shelter, and to start and maintain a fire in endless tropical storms and damp conditions, there has been a phenomenal amount of bumbling around. Participants are dropping out, tensions are rising, scorpions are stinging… I can’t help but second guess which individuals will make the distance and I can’t wait to see how  their characters evolve under the stresses and strains of island life as the series progresses!


I haven’t been the most glamorous patient and have pretty much lived in my ‘comfort clothes’ for weeks now… pyjamas, trakkies, t-shirts. So, here’s something that little Elodee has been wearing now the weather in warming up. We’ve all fallen in love with it! It’s a blue jumpsuit from Monsoon:


Now that Easter has been and gone, I am back on the tea! Hurrah! After our time apart, I can only conclude that tea is good for my soul and I need it in my life. So, I’ve been making A LOT. The simple things hey!?

I NEVER usually have time for gaming, apps etc but being laid up for so long has given me the opportunity to have a bit of a dabble. This week I’ve made my way through ‘Monument Valley’, an architectural puzzle game for iPhone and iPad. Whilst it’s quite short, the puzzles are challenging enough and the graphics are beautiful, eerie, and very MC Escher. The objective is to guide a princess called Ida through the 10 wonderfully crafted levels by manipulating the architecture around her. Optical illusions offer many surprises and had me hooked for the couple of hours it took me to complete. I was sad when it was over!



The upside of being poorly for so long continues to be the entertainment and the extra snuggles from my little rays of sunshine! And of course the ever patient and positive Mr W!




Thank you for reading. See you next week!

Polly x


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