Animals, Ninjas and Singing… My #littleloves

Hello! I can’t believe it’s Friday again already. Life is finally returning to ‘normal’ for me now. I’m feeling so much better each day and I’ve been doing a lot more. My week has been much more varied than in the previous couple of months! I’m linking up with Morgana at Butwhymummywhy again this week to share my #littleloves. Here goes….


I SHOULD be reading ‘Suite Francaise’ for book club at the moment but I’ve been really struggling to get into it. My thoughts keep drifting off and I’ve started from scratch twice now. I’m hoping the weekend will give me some renewed focus! In the meantime, I’ve taken a diversion and have been reading ‘My Family and Other Animals’ by Gerald Durrell. This book retells the life of Gerald’s family on the Greek island of Corfu. I remember watching the BBC series as a child back in the 80s and being fascinated by the rich flora and fauna that he encounters during his adventures on the island. It has made me want to go bug hunting!


The girls are really into Ninja Warrior UK… so much so, that we have made it a bit of an event in our house on a Saturday evening – they’re allowed to stay up ‘late’ to watch it if they’ve behaved themselves! I love it too… it takes me back to the days of watching Gladiators on a Saturday afternoon! They especially love watching the women compete, they take note of their name and then cheer for them as they make their way through the course. A few days ago we were at the park and mid-climb, Paige suddenly exclaimed ‘I am a Ninja Warrior aren’t I mama?!’ Such a funny thing to hear from a 3 year old!



Ok, this is a bit of a rubbish one but as it’s not something I do every day so I thought I’d include it: if you didn’t see my post earlier this week, I wore an airline pilot’s hat! Find out what I was up to here….



Another one from the girls… lately they seem to be having an increasing amount of conversations in song! I love it. Favourite this week, again from Paigey:

‘I’m a medium candle in a medium place… lovely lovely ta da daaa’


I finally invested in a Nutri Ninja recently and have been making some fabulous concoctions – I’ve been getting very creative and naturally some have been more successful than others. I’m going to start experimenting with adding alcohol to some soon… eek! This is my favourite at the moment and it’s so simple: just a pear, a lump of ginger, some ice and a little water to blend, then top up with carbonated water. It’s like ginger beer! V refreshing and yummy even though it looks revolting!


And finally:

A little bit of shameless self promotion now – apologies…. Now I’m up and well again, I’m back to organising school visits with my book. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent and you’re interested, I’d be delighted to hear from you!

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 12.31.28








Thank you again for reading. Have a great weekend!

Polly x