#Littleloves: Cuckoos, cards and perfume.

I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks, I’ve been so busy with half term, working and life! Can’t quite believe that we’re into June already. Eek! So, without further ado, I’m linking up with Butwhymummywhy again this week to share my #littleloves.


I’ve just finished reading ‘I Let You Go’ which is the choice for our book club this month. I usually approach crime / detective / psychological thrillers with great caution as I often feel disappointed on some level – often they’re not believable enough or end up being a bit naff (obviously I’m reading the wrong ones!) But I love, love, loved this one. I don’t want to say too much for fear of saying TOO much, other than that I wholeheartedly recommend this book – it will keep you gripped and awake into the early hours (just one more chapter…) At the very end it was interesting to read about the author’s background and motivation for writing it.



We’ve also just finished watching the second series of ‘Broadchurch’. I’d heard mixed reviews about this drama and entered into it with a very open mind. The very first episode made quite uncomfortable viewing but I’m glad we stuck with it. However – watching ‘Broadchurch’ and reading ‘I Let you Go’ in tandem is not advisable, there were a few parallels, in particular the setting of the stunning British coast and it was hard not to imagine one when reading / watching the other.



I’m loving this perfume at the moment! It’s very floral and spring-like and I’m sticking with it until summer officially arrives!



The cuckoo! Ok this was last week but every year since I was a child I listen out for it and the sound of the cuckoo always makes me smile.


Sticking with the perfume theme, Elodee is well and truly in the ‘perfume making stage’. She loves collecting up flowers and petals to mix together to find out what scent they make – unfortunately the dominant smell tends to be Cow Parsley, but she’s enjoying the process and also finding out about the different flowers that we see when we’re out and about.


We’ve also stumbled upon a fun new activity – personalised children’s birthday cards! This originally came about because I’d completely forgotten to buy a card and we hastily made one from the bits and bobs in my craft box, but E took such great pride in making something for a friend that it has now become a bit of a pre-party tradition!

IMG_6983 IMG_6984 FullSizeRender

And finally….

We’re off to Peppa Pig World this weekend! Wish us luck : )


Thank you for reading xx


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