#Littleloves: Funny Creatures, Fortitude and Fitbit!

Happy Friday lovely people!

It’s been a few weeks since I joined in with Morgana at Butwhymummywhy and shared my #littleloves for the week. The days are whizzing by and it’s nearly the summer holidays. We’re getting very excited about the end of term!

Anyway, before I drift off into a daydream, here are my littleloves:


StumbleUpon! I love this site / app. It’s such a great way to tailor what you read and look at (websites, articles, photos, videos, images) across the net based on your own interests. No more wading through all the rubbish, you can get straight to what you want to see. I’ve saved this for some rainy summer holiday activities:


You can save interesting pieces into your account and you can also upload things too – here’s one of my uploads!



We’ve recently ploughed through the first series of Fortitude. I’m really torn about whether I enjoyed or endured this one! The story is based around a tight knit community living in the town of Fortitude in the Arctic, which is shaken to the core following a violent and mysterious crime. Whilst the snowy landscape is beautiful, there were times when I felt shivery just watching the bleak, cold environment, and there are many brutal and bloody scenes that had me cowering behind a cushion. It’s not one to watch whilst eating your dinner that’s for sure! Echoes of ‘The X Files’ are what kept me going alongside the strange relationships and dynamics between members of the cast.  Hubby enjoyed it but when the next series is released I think I could take it or leave it. I’d love to know what you thought of it?


Since my weird ‘illness / injury’ – you can read about what happened to me here – I obviously have been taking life very slowly which means that I haven’t done any major exercise in months. So in a bid to keep me moving, albeit gently, I’ve invested in a Fitbit. A few months ago I may have dismissed this as being a bit ‘gimmicky’, but I now realise it’s value for those of us who want to keep moving but can’t go and pound the trails for an hour or jump about energetically in the gym – for the time being at least! It’s great to give you a nudge in the right direction to stay motivated and active, to walk the school run instead of jumping in the car etc.




We’re a wee bit addicted to Silk Clay in the Walker house! It’s like plasticine but feels and smells like Silly Putty. Anyway, it’s air drying, so once you’ve made your lovely creation, leave it for a couple of days to dry and voila! you have a permanent model. I bought some goggly eyes too which worked brilliantly for some of our little creatures! You can buy Silk Clay from good arts and crafts shops and also on Amazon. You can also get Foam Clay which is the bobbly stuff in the pictures.




Paige’s slug. Bless her.


E & I made creatures!


Some more wriggly creatures.


Last Saturday hubby was out for the evening and the biggest ironing pile in the whole world ever was beckoning. So I poured myself a glass of wine, got the ironing board out and stuck some random tunes on to get me through my very wild and crazy evening. Well, one tune led to another and before I knew it I’d worked my way through a fabulous medley of De La Soul, Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill and En Vogue… taking me right back through several decades of my life. Before I knew it the ironing was done and I was still bopping around singing to myself and pretending that I can rap : )


And finally…. 

We’re excited to be spending the weekend with good friends by the seaside. Can’t wait! Happy weekend everyone! xxx



Thank you for reading!

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12 thoughts on “#Littleloves: Funny Creatures, Fortitude and Fitbit!

  1. There is something really quite freaky about that slug! I love your creatures though. I haven’t heard of Fortitude but I do sometimes find myself watching something and wondering whether or not I’m actually enjoying it. The husband and I watched the first ever episode of Game of Thrones a few months ago and we both just went ‘meh..’ at the end and didn’t bother watching any more – talk about bucking the trend! Anyway, hope you have a lovely weekend X #littleloves

    • frompollywithlove says:

      Lol! I agree about the slug… she kept it for her ‘pet’ for ages too and took it to bed with her!! I was the same with Game of Thrones – hubby stuck with it though. Did feel like I was the only one that didn’t love it! Hope you had a fab weekend xx

  2. Ha ha love that wine thing! I wonder if putting on some old music will help me get the iron out – doubt it, but I do love Lauren Hill and En Vogue! Have a great week x

    • frompollywithlove says:

      Hee hee, yes the music certainly helped make the ironing less painful! Hope you had a lovely weekend xx

  3. I read about your CSF leak, that must have been such a tough time, it’s great to hear you’re getting back into things again..I hope the gentle exercise goes well 🙂 that playdough looks like fun, love your little creatures. Hope you’ve had a fun weekend with friends xx

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