My #littleloves: puppet shows, junk modelling & girls uninterrupted.

Hi there!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve linked up with the lovely Butwhymummywhy to share my #littleloves for the week. In that time the school holidays have become well and truly under way and we’ve also been on our family holiday. Here are some of the things we’ve been up to!


Whilst on hols I devoured a couple of books on my kindle but I also took a ‘proper book’ with me called ‘Girls, Uninterrupted’ by the author of ‘Taming the Tiger Parent’, Tanith Carey. I had originally planned just to dip into relevant bits of the book when I got a chance but I ended up reading the lot. I can’t recommend it highly enough for parents of girls (and boys in fact!)  It’s bursting with strategies for supporting our daughters in facing the challenges that our modern world presents, whilst enabling them to grow into strong, resilient and healthy woman. If you know me, or have read any of my previous posts, you’ll know that this is right up my street!



We’re a little bit in love with this top from Next. It is perfect for little P because she certainly is the ‘Wild One’ in our family, in the loveliest way possible. It’s from Next – from the ‘boy’s section’ but we’re ignoring that. It was on this shopping trip that we also spotted some girl’s Star Wars clothing which local blogger Man vs. Pink later wrote about. If like us, you’re interested in the gender labelling debate surrounding toys, clothes and books, you might be interested in reading his post here. 



Who says girls can’t make robots?! It must be our week for undoing gender specific labelling! Whilst P was at nursery, E and I made use of a bag of junk I’ve been hoarding for this very purpose for some time and put together a robot. Once constructed we covered it in mod-roc (strips of plaster of paris bandage like those used for healing broken bones but for art and craft purposes, check it out on Amazon) It’s awaiting a lick of paint, that might be our project for this week!




At the end of July it was E’s birthday and one of the fantastic gifts she received was this puppet show curtain. It’s so easy to assemble and the girls have had loads of fun making stories with various characters for us. I also used it to put on a bit of an unplanned pantomime-type-show focussing on stranger danger where the girls have to BOOOO when they spot something that could be situation to be wary of. It’s been educational and loads of fun too! IMG_7506


Hmmmm. School holidays = loads of whinging, whining, bickering. I think Randommusingsbynobodyimportant sums it up perfectly in her post here. However, I’ve also heard A LOT of giggling and laughter too… and I’m certainly not complaining about that. It’s tonic for the soul!

And lastly: 


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Polly xx



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