My #littleloves: Jill Scott, Atticus Finch and Sarah Waters.

Hello there!

Thank you for stopping by. It’s been a good few weeks since I last posted… we’re finally getting back into routine after the holidays and it’s feeling very Autumnal here. I’ve been busy with lots of #littleloves:


I’ve been busy reading recently. My favourites are: The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters, a book group choice, which I couldn’t put down. Set in 1920s London, the story is based around a passionate love affair (yes, it’s quite a racy one!) that results in sinister consequences… it is gripping and probably one of my favourite reads in a while. I’ve also just whizzed through You Had Me At Hello by Mhairi McFarlane which I loved. Witty, humorous and romantic – I can’t believe I haven’t read it until now.




I’ve got a couple of my personalised art works on the go at the moment. Here’s a gift for a birthday present that I have recently finished. If you’d like to have a peek at some of the others I’ve made, I have an album on my Facebook page which you can get to from here.



I’ve been a fan of Jill Scott for many years and I’m not disappointed by her most recent album, Woman. Soulful and beautiful. Love!“>


We’re really struggling to get into anything on the TV at the moment (hence the vast amounts of reading!) But I did go to the cinema to see ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ which I am ashamed to admit that I hadn’t seen before. I found the themes of race and prejudice, good and evil,  justice and discrimination were addressed beautifully and the film moved me deeply. I look forward to watching it with the girls when they are old enough to understand it.imgres-3


Warmer clothes! Brrr. And these – which I have come to realise are like Marmite, you either love them or hate them! I obviously love ’em, hubby doesn’t! They’re from Mint Velvet.

Alice Printed Plimsoll

Alice Printed Plimsoll


And finally… yippiee, it’s Friiidaaay!


Thank you for reading peeps! I’m currently taking  bookings to visit schools and other educational settings with my book… if you’re interested, please get in touch.

Much love,

Polly x



3 thoughts on “My #littleloves: Jill Scott, Atticus Finch and Sarah Waters.

    • frompollywithlove says:

      Thanks Morgana! If you haven’t already bought them, there’s a 15% discount running this weekend at Mint Velvet – the code is newyork15 xx

  1. I love Mhairi McFarlane too, although I have absolutely no idea how to say her first name. She has written a couple of other books too, that you might like to give a go. The latest one was my least favourite though, just wasn’t quite as funny. I was howling through the others. Hope you’re having a super week! #LittleLoves

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