Welcome to my blog! I’m Polly. I’m a Mum, a wifey, an artist, author and a freelance mediator.

My background is in special educational needs – specifically teaching and supporting children and young people experiencing challenging behavioural and emotional difficulties, many of whom were permanently excluded from their mainstream schools. As a result I hold matters of social inclusion and self-esteem – particularly in young people – very close to my heart, and it is this passion that led me to write and illustrate my children’s book. It features a loveable worm, slug, a maggot and a leech! Check it out at:


You won’t find me getting on my high horse here or creating too much controversy. I’d like my blog to be a place to share informative, interesting or fun adventures, experiences and discoveries, whether they are related to family life, education, social inclusion, children’s lit, or just plain and simple nice or quirky things that I hope you’ll be interested in too!

My blogs are sometimes featured in the Huffington Post and you can check out what I’m up to, whether it’s school visits, personalised artworks or mediation news at my Facebook page:


Finally… I’m PR friendly! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like me to take a look at a product and you think a review would sit well here. My email is: frompollywithlove@gmail.com

As always, thank you for reading.



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